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Queen Dianna

So I have just rediscovered livejournal and testing out this post using the lj app on my iPod touch.


Current Favourite Songs
Queen Dianna
Favourite Songs of the moment have to be..

Girls Aloud - Models
Staind -
So Far Away
Sugababes -
Girls Aloud -
See The Day
Alter Bridge - In Loving Memory
Eminem - When I'm Gone
Ludacris - Stand Up

These songs are worth a download if your stuck for something to listen to!

Queen Dianna
To all of my friends from the offical GA forum, ill go more in depth to this later on, but what im trying to get to is, thanks to everyone im close to at the forum for one of the best years of my life.

It's really made me feel happy and got my confidence up that i have people i can count on and trust. As many probably know i dont have the best life in school, so its great to have a place i can come and be with people i trust lots and can have fun with you lot.

Its been great to meetup with everyone i have done as many times as i have done, you guys always make it fun and worthwile and i do love you guys lots

Later on ill post more indepth about everyone im close to.

first post
Queen Dianna
So im sat here at 3am, watching WWE Armaggedon. £14.95 it fucking cost me

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